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Welcome to Current Water Technologies Inc. (CWTI)

Current Water Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the treatment of ammonia in wastewater (AmmEL) and in electro-static deionization (ESD) using innovative, cost effective electrochemical technologies.

Our patented AmmEL™ (ammonia removal) and ESD™ (deionization) technologies represent proven and highly effective alternatives to biological, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis systems.

The AmmEL-H2 system is the most environmentally friendly and economically lucrative ammonia treatment system on the market.  We produce green hydrogen from the electrochemical oxidation of ammonia, while producing other valuable byproducts. For example, we can generate disinfectant and alkali on-site, all from the same electrolytic process, which can contribute to significant cost-savings and/or revenue for water and wastewater treatment operators.

Current Water Technologies Inc. delivers superior results for the challenging problems facing communities, governments, and industries around the globe and is a leading worldwide provider of advanced electrochemical technologies that address significant environmental issues related to the management of industrial and municipal wastewater and drinking water resources.

We are providing water treatment solutions to the following sectors:

  • Military
  • Mining
  • Aquaculture
  • Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Microelectronics 
  • Boiler Feedwater 



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