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Our Team

Dr. Gene S. ShelpDirector, President and C.E.O

Gene is co-founder, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Current Water Technologies Inc. Gene is a professional geoscientist with greater than 20 years of public company management experience and 25 years of water quality and general environmental experience associated with the operation and decommissioning of industrial and municipal facilities. Gene has spearheaded the development of the company's electrochemical water treatment technologies for remediating surface waters, groundwater, and municipal and industrial process and waste waters contaminated with metals, ammonia and nitrate. He earned undergraduate degrees in Wildlife Management and Earth Sciences, and a PhD in Environmental Geochemistry from the University of Guelph, as well as a M.Sc. degree in Geology from Queen's University. He was a NSERC Canada Industry Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Guelph. Gene is the author of over 20 patents.

Markus IngelssonManager of Technical Services

Markus Ingelsson boasts an impressive educational background, having secured his undergraduate degree in environmental engineering from the University of Vermont, followed by a graduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Calgary. Specializing in environmental electrochemistry, particularly in the field of electrochemical water treatment, Markus has cultivated a deep expertise in this niche area. His career has spanned diverse projects focused on applying electrochemical techniques to treat municipal and industrial waste streams across Europe and North America. Markus's significant contributions to the field are evidenced by his authorship of multiple pioneering scientific papers and patents related to electrochemical water treatment methods. In addition to his prolific academic output, Markus has been honored with several awards for his scholarship, underscoring his leadership and innovation in environmental engineering. At CWTI, Markus is at the forefront, leading the research & development and technical services teams with a vision to innovate and advance the state of water treatment technology.

Dr. Reem ZeitounResearch Engineer, Project Coordinator

Reem is a chemical engineer by training and has extensive expertise in water treatment applications. She holds both undergraduate and master's degrees in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of Guelph. Reem serves as a Research Engineer and Project Coordinator at CWTI, where she is leading innovative projects to develop advanced water treatment solutions and coordinating with various departments to align project goals and timelines.

Consuelo Goegan General Manager

Consuelo joined Current Water Technologies in 2014. She manages the daily operations of the office, including accounting, payroll, human resources, budgeting, records and data management. Consuelo also looks after general reporting to the TSX-V Exchange and provides logistical support to all the members of the Current Water Technologies team. She holds a Library and Information Technician Diploma and Integrated Accounting Certificate.

David Stuart Licensed Electrician

Dave joined Current Water Technologies in 2014. He brings over 30 years of experience as a licensed electrician. Dave works closely with Senior Project Managers to facilitate commercial equipment manufacturing, in house test units, on-site commissioning and unit operation.