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Direct Nitrate Conversion to Gaseous Nitrogen

The NitrEL system is an electrochemical water treatment process that reduces nitrate concentrations in contaminated drinking water, groundwater and industrial process wastewater streams by converting the nitrate directly to environmentally friendly N2 gas.

NitrEL has been designed for in situ and ex situ applications. The in situ system utilizes a "fence" of electrodes inserted into the contaminated aquifer. Conversion of dissolved nitrate to gaseous nitrogen occurs as nitrate-laden groundwater passes through the fence.

For ex situ applications, the NitrEL system is often used in combination with the ESD system to treat the concentrate stream.

Unlike biological de-nitrification, the NitrEL system offers constant rates of de-nitrification that are not affected by acidity, aeration, temperature or nutrient availability.

The NitrEL system is capable of removing above 90% of the nitrate from highly contaminated aquifers. In addition NitrEL has shown the added benefit of removing up to 70% of the dissolved ammonia.

Advantages of the NitrEL System

  • The conversion of nitrate and ammonia to environmentally friendly nitrogen gas
  • No production of greenhouse gases
  • Operation and efficiency are unaffected by temperature
  • Requires minimal monitoring and minimal maintenance
  • Modular and adaptable to a variety of site conditions and nitrate concentrations

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Prevention of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) at the Source

AmdEL reduces the requirement for leachate treatment by attacking the formation of AMD at the source.

The AmdEL system is an electrochemical system that prevents the oxidation of sulphide minerals in tailings or waste rock, in situ, thus preventing the formation of AMD.

Designs are available for:

  • Tailings facilities

  •  Waste rock

  • Bedrock outcrops

Advantages of the AmdEL System:

  • Acid mine drainage is stopped at the source.
  • Can be used or retrofitted at active or abandoned mining properties
  • No moving parts, uses no chemicals - produces no sludge
  • Can be used as a stand-alone treatment or to enhance existing technologies

Field Testing at the Falconbridge Hardy Mine Site

  • 1.2 ha installation
  • Reduced the redox potential of the tailings to below -350 mV

  • Tailings thermodynamically stable

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Enhanced Leaching

A new hydrometallurgical alternative for the recovery of metals from sulphide tailings and ore. The ExtrEL system enhances the oxidation of sulphide minerals and the subsequent solubility of metals of economic interest.

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